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New York Daily News

1. The soles of new Brooklyn

2. The fishermen of New York City

3. My friend’s bum murder rap

4. Ex-cons, cows and Gowanus gentrifiers

5. Culture Clash Gets Steamy

6. From a prisoner to a writer in 2014

7. New York's underworld of stolen bikes

8. Welcome to Rikers. Enjoy your stay

9. In Defense of Prison Violence

10. K2: Synthetic Marijuana; Potent & Terrifying

11. Who Killed Whitey Bulger?

12. Shopping for an inmate: a guide

13. Paul Manafort on Rikers Island

14. Jeffrey Epstein: What his Injuries Say About the Treatment of Sex Offenders .

15. How Jeffery Epstein Killed Himself in Prison


1. Eli Klein on Riding the Wave of China's Contemporary Art Scene

2. Christmas Cards From Prison

3. Thanksgiving in Prison is a Beggar’s Feast

4. Putin's Ukraine Push Causes Big Fight in Little Odessa

5. DIY Tattoos Make Irony Permanent


1. The Jewish Front in the Soviet War on Christmas

2. The Surprising Popularity of Kosher Food in Prison

Paris Review

1. Odysseus in the Yard

2. Dovlatov’s Way

Washington Post

1. Satanists, Odinists, and the weird world of prison evangelism

2. Charles Manson is getting hitched. Meet the women who marry prisoners.

Lapham’s Quarterly

1. Night in Prison,c. 2010 (Only TOC & Author Bio av. online, text published in Dec. 2018 issue)


1. 'Party Monster' Michael Alig Has A Prison Painting To Sell You

New Media Central

1. My First Vote


1. The Fine Art of Cooking in Prison

2. An Inmate's Guide to Partying in Prison

3. 11 Ingenious Prison Hacks Even Law-Abiding Squares Can Use


1. The Prison Break's Lovelorn Tabloid Villain Is No Mere "Shaw-Skank"

2. We Are All Escape Artists: What Night Is Like In Prison

A 21st-Century Rip Van Winkle: What Changed In My Decade Behind Bars

4. The Prison Forger's Christmas Miracle

5. Drugs, Chess, Books, Or Gambling: How To Fight Boredom In Prison

6. Violence Is Currency: A Pacifist Ex-Con's Guide To Prison Weaponry

7. A Gentleman's Guide To Sex In Prison

8. Forgiving The Club Kid Killer: My Prison Friendship With Michael Alig

9. Chained Wimbledon: The Joys And Perils Of Prison Tennis

10. An Ex-Con's Guide To Prison Weightlifting


1. Chinese Street Artist Zhang Dali Evolves In New York

2. Life After Death: Clinging to Punk Rock With C.J. Ramone

3. Four Years On Line With The Amityville Horror

4. I Got 90 Days In The Hole For Buying Souls In Prison

Amityville Horror article in French

Into The Margins With Daniel Genis 

Into the Margins with Daniel Genis: An Introduction

​1. Soviet Prohibition and the Taste of Perfume

2. Why Do French-Canadians Dominate New York's Christmas Tree Market?

3. An Ex-Con Returns to the Internet After a Decade in Prison

4. What It's Like to Spend St. Patrick's Day in Prison

5. Passover in Prison

6. The Pains I've Endured Inside Police Vans and Prison Buses

7. New York State's Scariest Prison

8. How to Protect Yourself from Violence in Prison

9. Babies in Jars, Death Masks, and Ponytails: My Induction to the Odditorium

10. Haunted in Fishkill: My Memories of Prison Brutality and the Beat Up Squad

London Guardian

1. When is busking art? In New York, the police decides

2. Daniel and Petra's love story: prison kept us apart for 10 years, but we endured

Suddeutsche Zeitung

1. Hollenhaft (Europeans in US Prisons in German)

2. Daniel Genis, Digital Van Winkle (in German) 

3. Verbotene Geschafte (in German)

Numero Homme Berlin

1. Asymmetrischer Krieg


Ein Digital Boy des 20. Jahrhunderts (in German)

Daily Beast

1. A Million Ways to Die in Prison

2. Blurred Lines at NY Sketchbook Museum

3. In Hands of Hungarian Artist, Jewish Home Movies of the ’30s a Warning of Coming Holocaust

4. From Moscow to Queens, Down Sergei Dovlatov Way

5. Bam! Pow! Bling! Hip-Hop's History Gets the Graphic Novel Treatment

6. Prisoners Get Cultural Fix with 8-Tracks and Bootleg Cassettes

7. Bros Love Dragon Boats

8. This Is Your E-Cigarette on Drugs

9. Patted Down by India’s Hugging Saint

10. This Anti-Heroin Drug Is Now King of the Jailhouse Drug Trade

11. I Heard About the Latest Crazed Shooter While I Watched the World Cup with Guys He Almost Killed

12. All the Grown-Up Hipsters Playing Kids’ Games

13. Tales of a Jailhouse Gourmet: How I learned to Cook in Prison

14. Punks, UFOs, and Heroin: How ‘Liquid Sky’ Became a Cult Movie

15. Reading Prison Novels In Prison

16. A Jewish Ex-Con Recalls Keeping Kosher with the Faithful in Prison

17. Word Is Bond: An Ex-Con Explains the 5 Percenters

18. NYSDOCCS Cracks Down on Package Rules, Including Books!

19. Thanksgiving is Better in Prison!

Moscow Times

Inside the Criminal Russian Subculture of the U.S. Prison System

Airship Daily 

1. Driving Umberto Eco and the Line Between Writer and Writing

2. Narcotica: Chapter One

3. The Rip Van Winkle of Punk Rock

4. William Burroughs Ruined My Life

5. Party Monsters and Book Wyrms: An Interview with Michael Alig

The Fix

1. Animal Addicts

2. K2: A Dangerous Peak to Climb

3. The Truth About Drug Treatment in Prison

4. Smoking's Last Frontier

The Week

How to cook like a prisoner

Kratom; New Face, Old Problem (DOWNLOAD ONLY)

Chicago Tribune

How fringe religions find followers behind barsHow fringe religions find followers behind bars

Minneapolis Star Tribune

Prison: Where one goes to get religion


Atheist Who Spent a Decade Behind Bars Talks About the Flourishing of Fringe Religions in Jail

Richard Dawkins Foundation

Atheist Who Spent a Decade Behind Bars Talks About the Flourishing of Fringe Religions in Jail

Testosterone Nation

Barbells Behind Bars 10 Years of Prison Weightlifting

Read Russia

Birds of a Feather Translation, pg. 191