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Faith & Freedom, ep. #2: Daniel Genis

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State-issued turkey and prisoner potlucks: What Thanksgiving dinner is like in prison


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Den Unskyldende Bandit; Klaus Wivel, 7/10/2016

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Cravings, Addiction And Recovery In Restaurants And Bars

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Guest Daniel Genis rejoins Burl Barer Howard Lapides and Mark Boyer for CELEBRITY KILLERS by Burl Barer on Mixcloud

DANIEL GENIS -- OUT OF THE SLAMMER AND INTO THE SPOTLIGHT! He wasn't a good mugger anyway. by Burl Barer on Mixcloud

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What's It Like to Write a Novel in Prison?, by Justin Glawe


Aluminum Doesn’t Ring: Daniel Genis on the Merits of Prison Reading, By Joe Muscolino

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Daniel Genis Discusses His Rapid Transition from Prison Inmate to Flourishing Author, by Michael Sauve

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Cooking in Prison, by Sarah Rogozen

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En la Jaula, by Juan Forn

ybfrisco (Russia; по русски)

Вчера ехала с работы и слушала передачу по радио. До сих пор под впечатлением.

Журнал об Иностранной Литературе (Russia; по русски)

Список чтения заключенного (перевод статьи из журнала The New Yorker)

Addiction Myth

Daniel Genis is Darren Aronofsky's Robot Zombie (a hostile profile)